Woodside High School Digital Arts


This page is dedicated to my Digital Arts and Computer Programming students at Woodside High School.

As you explore this site, you will find course information, tutorials, student portfolio work, and more.

Have fun and enjoy this page. Please send feedback through my contact information.

Also, check out my youtube channel: mrumrocks

You can find the Woodside High School Digital Arts Course Flowchart here.

About Mr. Ettlin

Hello, I am Mr. Ettlin. I teach Digital Arts at Woodside High School in Woodside, CA. We have an exciting Digital Arts Program here at Woodside.

I teach web design, beginning animation, computer programming, and advanced animation using Blender, Java, and Flash. In addition, our department offers audio production, film critique, and digital photography.

About Mr. Um

When I teach math classes, most of my kids call me Mr. Ettlin. But, when I teach computer classes, students tend to call me Mr. Um.

I suppose it is because they get so focused on the computer that when one needs help, he or she throws a hand up and yells for Mr. Um… Um….

In fact, I became so used to being called Mr. Um that I just tell the kids on the first day of class that my name is Mr. Um—it saves time.